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Business Intelligence and Data Management – DataVerse Solutions Inc.


BI can be used in many ways, from helping to increase company revenue, improving the level of operating efficiency, or improving the organization’s customer satisfaction levels.

Business Intelligence encompasses the many applications, tools, and methodologies used to analyze data and present information that will help an organization make better business decisions.

Regardless of the size of the organization, what industry it belongs to, or what the desired outcome is, the goal of utilizing BI is to help companies make smarter decisions and improve their overall performance.


Business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) initiatives help enterprises align their organizations with consistent and insightful measurement and decision support systems. Many enterprises focus on technology selection, neglecting the organizational approaches, processes and best practices necessary for success.

Business Growth

Financial goals are broken down quarterly and yearly. Make a marketing plan for how you will achieve growth.

Strategy and Roadmap

Set strategic objectives, build the roadmap to get there, and enable everyone to see the impact of their work.

Strategy Marketing Support

Marketing is ensuring that the business is targeting what it needs at that point in time and develop over the life of the business.

Data Governance Policies

Every organization needs a set of foundational policies to manage the basic operations of data governance.

Performance Management

A Business Architecture describes the business processes and functions needed to support an enterprise’s business strategy.

Data Management

Assessing the current state of an organization’s data management efforts can lead to paths to progress.